Golang && REST Design Resources

A Few Golang/REST Resources I’ve Crowdsourced/Otherwise Discovered

Wow! I have been quite busy. I’m taking the CISSP exam on September 29th and beginning the OSCP course on October 6th. School is back in session. At first I thought this would inevitably mean fewer posts; however, I’m thinking I’ll have more quick bite-sized updates to provide as I’ll be working through a lot of fun, interesting material in my final year as an undergrad.

One project I’m working on involves Twitter APIs, a custom REST API, data analysis, possibly some message queue technology, and of course…shiny visualizations. I’m using this project as an opportunity to finally learn Golang and to study principles of REST API design.

I’ve been polling Twitter/Slack channels/friends/Google to collect resources about those two topics and I’ve developed a short list of those. Thanks to everyone who provided info!



I hope someone finds these resources useful! Ping me if you have more resources! I know I’ll be referring back to this page in the future.